New Feature for QtQR 1.3

QtQR IconAs asked by an Italian friend that posted a review on his blog (link). I’ve implemented Drag&Drop decoding support for QR Codes images directly from a website in QtQR.

You can see this in action in the following video:

You can expect this feature to be available in the daily PPA or wait for the stable release.

EDIT: Just if you don’t know, you can drag&drop to a QtQR dekstop launcher like showed in the next video, in this manner you don’t even have to open QtQR previusly to decode a file.

Any thoughts, bugs or feature request are more than welcome!

7 pensamientos en “New Feature for QtQR 1.3

    • I tryied it in Gnome3 and it works without the mimetypes option in the .desktop file, but I added it anyway just in case. Please let me know if it works for you..
      The changes should be available in the daily PPA update. 🙂

      Keep ideas coming!

      PS: I added a video to this post showing that it works..


      • I’ve tryied the daily build: it works fine. If it is possible to add drag&drop browser image directly in the launcher should be a very nice feature. Alternatively i’ve found useful the plugin of compiz “window rules” and setting qtqr as name of window in the “above” field that add from the start the rule “always on top” useful for dragging the imagein it.

  1. I’ve found another interesting solution. The program needed is gDevilspie, it allow, among other interesting features, a program to be opened in “minimized status”. See the video and how could be useful for your program.


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