How to install QtQR in Fedora


QtQR 1.0/1.1/1.2 has the following dependecies:

  • PyQt4
  • qrencode
  • python-imaging (PIL or Python Image Library)
  • python-zbar
Sadly, the last one of these is not available to install via the yum package manager, or maybe it is in some repo I don’t know about. If you know where to find it please tell in the comments.


For installing PyQt4, qrencode and PIL you can use yum like this (remember to login or run as root):
yum install pyqt4 qrencode python-imaging

Once you got them installed you can go on installing python-zbar using easy_install:

easy_install zbar

If you get an “error: Setup script exited with error: command ‘gcc’ failed with exit status 1” error, you need to install the zbar-devel package first, like this:

yum install zbar-devel

And there you go.. now you can download the sourcecode from Launchpad, decompress and run QtQR with the following command:

cd <dir of qtqr sourcecode>


In summary, this are the commands you need to run (as root) to get QtQR working:

(enter root password)
yum install pyqt4 qrencode python-imaging zbar-devel
easy_install zbar

Tested in Fedora 15, but if you find any difficulties please let me know in the comments.. happy hacking! 🙂